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Our Specialists

Dr Leigh Rice

BA (Theology), MA (Religion- Family Life), Master of Leadership & Management, Doctor of Ministry in Cross Cultural Leadership.

Team Leader and Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Worship and Prayer Ministry Specialist

Leigh Rice is passionate about life in the local church and is experienced in both city and country churches, small and large congregations. His 40 years of ministry experience has involved pastoral, departmental and administrative leadership. He has lead churches through lasting worship renewal processes, has had experience in departmental leadership in Sabbath School,

Personal Ministries, Communication, Stewardship and is a trained NCD Consultant. A Queenslander at heart Leigh has lived and worked for more than half of his ministry in different cross cultural situations outside his home country. He is flexible, creative, and relational in his consulting and training approaches.

Leigh is married to Barb and they have two children and 9 grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys gardening and watching rugby.

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Dr Trafford Fischer

BA (Theology), MA Family Life Education, Doctor of Ministry.

Family Ministries & Chaplaincy Specialist

Trafford Fischer grew up in southern NSW, Australia, and after completing high school commenced work with the Department of Lands in Sydney. He then studied for a BA in Theology from Avondale College and was involved in both youth, pastoral and chaplaincy ministry for twenty-one years before serving as the Director of Student Services at Avondale College for ten years.

He has completed a Master’s Degree in Religion, a Master’s Degree in Family Life Education, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree. He is now the Director of the Adventist Institute of Family Relations and family specialist for the Discipleship Ministries Team for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific.

He has a real interest in strengthening marriages and enriching families.

In his spare time he enjoys the odd restoration project and cycling. He lives in Lake Macquarie (NSW) with his wife Caryl and they have two adult children and five grandchildren.

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Mrs Christina Hawkins


Stewardship Specialist

Follow Christina on Instagram @spddiscipleship




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Dr Wayne Krause

BA (Theology), MA (Religion-Ministry), D.Min (Church Planting & Leadership)

Church Health, Church Planting & Small Group Specialist

Follow Wayne on Twitter @wtkrause1

Wayne Krause specializes on the South Pacific Division’s (SPD) Discipleship Team in the areas of Church Planting and local Church Health. He is also the director for Mission to the Cities for the SPD.

He is very passionate about seeing people far from God becoming life long, multiplying disciples. He is known for having his “office” in a coffee shop, so he can be in the community

Wayne began his full time ministry as a youth pastor and then transitioned an established church to a mission focused church of predominantly young professionals. He then planted a church that he pastored for 18 years that has helped birth six other churches.

Areas of interest for Wayne are: Disciple Making, interacting with secular people, Church Planting, local Church Health, NCD, Small Groups, and Coaching.

Wayne received his Doctor of Ministry degree in Church Planting and Leadership. He is married to the love of his life, Tracey, and they have one daughter—Jessica (or “Princess.”)

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Dr Nick Kross

BA (Theology), Master of Youth Ministry, D.Min.

Youth Ministry Specialist

Adventurers, Pathfinders, Ambassadors, Student Ministries
Follow Nick on Instagram @nickkrossofficial

Nick was born in Queensland into a large family of both Greek and English heritage. Following a powerful illustration of God’s grace in his life, Nick surrendered his heart to Christ at 19 and immediately set out to change the world. At 21, he left the building trade to study theology at Avondale College. After graduating, he pastored local churches before joining the Youth Department in South Queensland (1995), NZPUC and the SPD.

Nick has worked extensively with youth and church groups throughout the many Island nations of the SPD. Nick has directed numerous large events, including camporees, youth congresses, MWTP leadership summits, summer camps and Storm Co, as well as international mission trips, and recently, leading the ‘Following Jesus’ discipleship tour to Israel. Nick launched the first Samoan Youth Advisory in Queensland, Australia, Storm Co in NZ, and ASA (Adventist Students Association) in NZ, Samoa and Vanuatu.

Nick’s burden for biblical literacy birthed the World Changers Bible project, launching almost 250,000 Bible kits throughout the South Pacific. During 50 plus sessions he and his team inspired and trained youth to give bible studies, bring friends to Christ, and to challenge them to share Jesus with one person each year. He is now partnering with the Education department to provide another 70,000 WC bible kits for every student in the SPD. He loves to disciple young people through youth department events, equipping parents and churches and now supporting youth in juvenile detention. Nick speaks on behalf of youth and young adults and creates spaces for training, celebration and visioning in missional lifestyles.

Nick believes every young adult brings a unique gift to the world. His aim is to inspire all youth to find their cruising altitude and be all they can be for Jesus. He has devoted his life to following Jesus and sharing the gospel with all generations.

Nick’s loves spending time with his amazing family, personal soul winning, and being immersed in nature: particularly the ocean.

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Dr Chester Kuma

Adventist Health Ministries Specialist

Originally from the Solomon Islands, Dr Kuma joined Adventist Health, SPD in early 2006.

Following completion of his undergraduate training in medicine in 1986, he joined the medical staff at Sopas Adventist hospital, PNG as medical officer. His next appointment was Atoifi Hospital in the Solomons where he spent a total of 13 years working as senior medical officer and later as Chief Executive Officer, a position he held for 10 years. Dr Kuma successfully completed his specialist training in surgery in 2002 and was appointed Head of Surgery for the country. He currently works with Adventist Health, SPD and thoroughly enjoys his role.

Medical Missionary work has always been a great interest of his ever since childhood. The concept of “Health promoting Churches” in particular stands out as one of his major interests. He believes that if this concept of health can be developed further and incorporated within our system of local churches, it can become a powerful tool for witnessing at the grass root level.

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Dr Danijela Schubert

Pastor, BA, MA, DMin

Adventist Women’s Ministries Specialist

Danijela was born and grew up in Croatia (which was part of former Yugoslavia), in the Mediterranean city of Pula. Although she was brought up in a very poor, alcoholic family, in a communist country, her life is a witness to God’s grace. Belonging to SDA church took her to many places – first to boarding high school, where she met her husband. Then together they lived, studied and worked in France, Philippines, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Australia. She completed two master’s degrees, a doctorate and published two books. Most of her career she worked as a lecturer in theology and in church administration. She is currently working in the South Pacific Division as member of Discipleship Ministries Team empowering women.
Danijela is happily married to Branimir. Together they have two grown up sons.

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Mrs Litiana Rakarakatia Turner

B.Ed (English), MA (Education), M.Ed (TESSOL)

Children’s Ministries Specialist

Litiana was born in Fiji and migrated to Australia in the mid 70’s and has lived in Australia for forty years. She is an educator, wife & mother who is passionate about young people understanding and seeing themselves as God sees them.

Litiana embraces her role as an advocate for marginalized groups within our church especially through the medium of training and education which she believes are as key components in building capacity within our church and young people.

As a Pacific Island woman she has straddled life within two cultures and worked professionally in roles traditionally held by men.  She offers a unique perspective on leadership as a PI person within a western context who has bumped into a few glass ceilings.

Litiana speaks three languages and dabbles with any other she encounters. She loves to travel and speak with and for young people about the goodness and grace of God. Litiana has the gift of teaching and loves to inspire and be inspired by lovers of the Lord.

Litiana enjoys the bush, the sea, snow-capped mountains. Chocolates, tulips, and a great café with loved ones come a close second to quality time with family.

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Our Support Team


Mrs Jan Bolst

Family Ministries, Women’s Ministries, Church Planting, Church Health & Revitalisation

Jan Bolst is a qualified secretary who has worked for the church at Sanitarium, New Zealand, and in the South Pacific Division headquarters based in Sydney. She has been with the Discipleship Ministries Team since 1994 and during that time has supported various portfolios including Adventist Health Ministries (3 years); Children’s Ministries (10 years); Family Ministries (21 years); Sabbath School & Personal Ministries (1 year) Women’s Ministries (7 years), and Church Planting and Church Health (2 years), a total of 24 years.

Jan is the wife of a church pastor, Dr Bob Bolst. She is the mother of three children and grandmother of nine. She and Bob have ministered together in Australia and New Zealand for over forty years.


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Mrs Alexandra Manners

Children’s Ministries

Hi I’m Alex! I’m on maternity leave at the moment. I’m a mum of a baby and busy toddler. As part of a big extended family, I know how much joy (and craziness) children can bring!

I love my home town of Sydney and come from a background in healthcare and marketing and I just love helping people. I have completed a Bachelor in Business (Marketing), a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts/Graphic Design) and a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. I also help my local Church team with children’s Sabbath school, which is a lot of fun.

I am thankful for the privilege of being a part of the Discipleship Ministries team here at the South Pacific Division and assisting Litiana and our Unions to share Jesus with the children!


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Ms Diane Samani
Youth, Ambassadors, Pathfinders, Adventurers

Diane is a passionate supporter of ministry to young people and enjoys working with Nick to support and equip other leaders through key events, programs and resources.


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Mrs Leena Solomon
Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Small Groups, Stewardship, Prayer, Worship,

Leena works close to the Stewardship, Personal Ministries and Sabbath School departments in the Discipleship Ministries Team.

Other than serving at the Division office, she is a mother of two young children and is passionate about their spiritual growth.

She holds a Master degree in Statistics and a Master degree in Higher Education in Leadership and Management and brings six years of teaching experience.

While working at the Division office, Leena has proven to be indispensable in organising, scheduling and managing resources produced by the Discipleship Ministries Team and helping in distributing them around the pacific for various discipleship and stewardship trainings to equip leaders and other church members.

She also has a creative side to her. When she finds time, she likes to create short clips and graphics for the Discipleship & eGiving social media.

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Mrs Pam Townend


Adventist Health Ministries

Pamela Townend is a trained administrative assistant who has worked in that capacity for medical clinics, legal firms, schools and aged care for the past 30 years. Currently Pam is a departmental assistant in the Discipleship Ministry Team focusing on health.  Pam is married to Glenn and they have 3 adult children and 2 grandsons. She is originally from Victoria but as a pastor’s wife has live in Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and Fiji as well as Victoria.  In her spare time Pam likes walking, cooking healthy food, sewing, reading and craft.  She is passionate about her family, health and her ministry to pastors spouses.


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Our Regional Counterparts


Australian Union Conference

Pr Cristian Copaceano
Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, Stewardship
AUC Discipleship
Pr Tony Knight
Family & Children’s Ministries Liaison
Pr Jeff Parker
Youth, Pathfinders, Adventurers
AUC Youth

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Cook Islands, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Pitcairn, Wallis & Futuna Is.

New Zealand Pacific Union Conference

Adrielle Curasco
Health & Women’s Ministries
Pr Victor Kulakov
Relationship Ministries

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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Union Mission

Pr Lonol Winnie
Youth Ministries

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American Samoan, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.

Trans-Pacific Union Mission

Pr. Fa’afetai Matai
Youth Ministries
Pr. Nasoni Lutunaliwa
Family Ministries
Dr. Silent Tovosia
Health Ministries
Mrs. Anne Norman
Prayer Ministries

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