Our team and partners work together to foster, enhance and complement the various ministries of the church within the context of discipleship. This site presents foundational discipleship principles and practices that apply to all followers of Jesus regardless of their age, stage or demographic.


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What is the South Pacific Division?

The South Pacific Division (SPD) is a Seventh-Day Adventist organisation that aids all of the South Pacific. It is under the advisement of the General Conference (GC) and provides resources, campaigns and other tools to the unions/missions and conferences to implement within the local churches. The SPD is comprised of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and numerous islands throughout the South Pacific Ocean. Women’s Ministries stem from the GC down to the churches and this page shows you what we do at the division level.

What is Discipleship Ministries?

Discipleship Ministries forms the foundation of the mission strategy for the Adventist Church in the South Pacific. Discipleship under pins other major church initiatives in comprehensive health ministry, media ministry and mission to the cities.
The ministry of Jesus provides the message and the model for multiplying disciples, planting churches and building a movement of Kingdom living.


Discipleship is not simply another resource for department leaders. Rather it is an invitation to a life changing journey with Jesus. It changes who we are, how we think and what we do at home, in the workplace, at school and in the church.


As disciples, we become part of a movement through which Jesus intends to change the world and prepare people for his coming Kingdom. It involves our participation as disciples and disciple makers through the Harvest Cycle.


Find out more about this Adventist disciple making movement in a new series of videos produced by the Discipleship Ministries Team.