Your Church Has Changed

The Covid-19 pandemic caused churches to close their doors, restricted gathering of people and moved worship services online. But what if, rather than viewing these circumstances as mere disruptions until we get back to “normal”, we see them as opportunities that have shifted our focus towards being the church in our communities? The Record article

Enjoy the Living Word

What version of the Bible should we be reading to gain the best understanding of God’s Word? The Bible is so important for living as followers of Jesus that it is hardly surprising there are many questions about it: how was the Bible written? how does ‘inspiration’ work? how did the Bible come together over […]

Following The Spirit

The Book of Acts tells a story that is familiar to us—making disciples amid difficult social, cultural and political environments. But Acts also tells stories that are new to some of us—creative and innovative forms of church and leadership, successfully adapting to these different circumstances and seeing the church growing in dramatic ways.After almost 2000 […]

Following Jesus

Disciples are proteges, learners or apprentices to Jesus who multiply disciples by following His methods, cultivating His movement, preparing people for His coming!  Movements occur where disciples of Jesus mingle, sympathise, meet needs, invite and make disciples who multiply within their relational or community streams! You are invited, called and commissioned.  Go deep with these 50 studies […]

If You Can Eat… You Can Make Disciples

Inspire yourself, or your congregation, to make Disciples! What does it mean to be a Christian and share our faith in a multi-faith and no-faith world? In our complex post-Christian world, sharing our faith can seem equally complex. But consider how Jesus related to His multi-faith context, particularly His teaching in Luke 10:1–24. He engaged […]

If You Are Thirsty… You Can Be Spirit-Filled

The feeling of thirst tells us we are dehydrated—we need water to live. But just like we sometimes try to quench our thirst in ways that don’t truly refresh us, many people try to quench their spiritual thirst with things that can never really satisfy. We need living water. “Jesus stood and shouted to the […]

Discover Jesus

Stories of His Life, His teachings, and His first followers Whatever we might think of Jesus, the history of much of our world is divided into two parts – before Jesus and after Him. So have you taken the time to read His story for yourself? If you have never read these stories or know […]

Following The Apostles’ Vision

Videos coming soon! The apostles planted new faith communities in pagan gentile cities, sometime staying only a few weeks or months before departing to do the same in another place. Their mission was urgent and the scope of their vision was staggering. This book re-reads the letters of Paul to these new churches, disciples and […]