We want to provide some resources that will allow you to stay connected with God and each other during this uncertain time.

If Your Church Is Closed

Peter Roennfeldt

  1. If Your Church Is Closed – English (e-book)
  2. If Your Church Is Closed – French (e-book)

Home Church Resources

  1. Be The Church (Info Sheet)
  2. Church@Home (Social Media Slides)
  3. Home Church & Sabbath School (Resources)
  4. Loving Well In Crisis (Blog Post)
  5. Church@Home and Stewardship (Webpage)
  6. Churches Going Digital Tips (Website Resources)
  7. Digital Discipleship (Resources)

Sabbath School

  1. Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, Q4 (Info Sheet)
  2. Sabbath School Discovery Bible Reading Guides (Info Slides)
  3. Sabbath School Videos (Downloadable Videos)
  4. Children’s Sabbath School (King’s Kids – Vimeo link)
  5. Sabbath School for Life, Q3 (Info Sheet)


  1. Video guides (Instructional Videos)
  2. eGiving website (Pay Here)
  3. eGiving information (Website Article)
  4. eGiving app (Download Here)

Discovery Bible Reading (DBR)

  1. Social Media Slides (Automatic Download)
  2. Powerpoint Slides (Automatic Download)
  3. Leader’s Guideline (Word Doc)
  4. Videos (Vimeo Links)

All DBR Resources

Children & Youth


Comprehensive Health Programs

(FREE UNTIL MAY 18, 2020)

  • Live More Project (10 weeks):
    • Aims to help people improve their emotional wellbeing from a whole-person approach. (Normally $75 per person)
    • Darren Morton is offering an additional resource called “What the Bible Says” for free during this time so that the Live More Project can be effectively used in a small group resource in a church setting.
  • De-stress & Thrive (6 weeks):
    • Exciting new resource to help you develop emotional intelligence and resilience so you can buffer the stress of life. (Normally $25 per person)
  • Forgive to Live (6 weeks): 
    • Aims to help people free themselves from past hurt and emotions and start living a new life. To order your free workbook complete this link and pay $10 for postage and handling. (Normally $50 per person) https://events.adventist.org.au/event/info/4781.

The courses above can all be done on zoom and watching the videos online. For further information or to set up a group please contact AndreaKross@adventist.org.auAllow a 5 day lead time to set up a group.

The Record


(Streaming FREE for 2 weeks)


Bible Verses


Following Jesus Webpage (Peter Roennfeldt)