Join Chartered Financial Analyst and Author Tim Aka (CFA) for a not to be missed series
“Understanding the Financial Crisis Through Scripture”

The Discipleship Ministries Team- South Pacific are pleased to present Tim Aka, financial analyst and author of End Game Economics on his Australian tour in Sydney only.

The Speaker- Tim Aka

Tim Aka (CFA) is an expert financial analyst and money manager at the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church where he works as an Associate Treasurer responsible for Investments, Pensions & Global Banking. His industry experience is extensive having previously worked for a range of banks, finance companies and advisers in North America.

In this series of four presentations Tim Aka brings his extensive knowledge of the global economy and markets to Biblical teachings about the end time times. From his perspective, the next financial crisis- whether global or personal- is not a question of if, but when.

Presentation Topics

His financial and spiritual insights will help you be a better steward of all that God has been entrusted to you. It will prepare you to help others as a stewardship leader, influencer and encouragement to others in wise and  faithful living.

1. Laodiki-nomics
Thursday 13 September 7:30 pm
2. Boomers vs Millennials
Friday 14 September 7:30 pm
3. A Hierarchy of Giving
Saturday 15 September 11:00 am
Live Streamed
4. The Zarephath Put
Saturday 15 Setpember 2:30 pm

Venue Location

The hosts of this series is Wahroonga Seventh-day Adventist Church. The elders cordially invite all those who have an interest in Biblical Stewardship, Economics, Bible Prophecy, the Global Financial Crisis, Personal Finance or Financial Markets to attend.

Wahroonga Seventh-day Adventist Church
183 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga NSW 2076
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Books & Resources

Tim Aka is a published author and keynote speaker. These books can be purchased or ordered through your local Adventist Book Center or Better Food & Books. Some of his presentations are available on Vimeo and YouTube. Note this series will not be live-streamed with the exception of the Sabbath morning presentation.



Economic Calm Before the Storm
Seeing Prophecy Through an Economic Lens


Note this seminar series and provided resources are not intended to, nor should they be interpretted as providing specific financial advice whether of a general or personal nature. This information is informative in nature only and not advice. It is provided in the context of the Stewardship Ministry of the Adventist Church and neither the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Discipleship Ministries Team (South Pacific), Wahroonga SDA Church, or Tim Aka are registered financial advisors or agents in Australia.

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The next financial crisis- whether global or personal- is not a question of if, but when.