Discipleship Ministries and its specialist departments support and promote a wide range of events, initiatives, emphasis days and training opportunities. Below are some key ones you should be aware of. We encourage you to think strategically about how you can incorporate these opportunities into the program of your union, conference or local church. Contact your local regional office for a complete list of events available in your area.


March 2018


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3 March


Women’s International Day of Prayer

(always celebrated on the first Sabbath in March)

We are delighted to be able to bring to you the 2018 International Women’s Day of Prayer program packet. This year’s packet titled, “God Understands,” was written by Chantal J. Klingbeil, Associate Director, Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The entire program packet may be opened in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat, depending on which application is available to you. The packet also contains two coordinating activities, “Who Am I?” and “Prayer for the Discouraged.” The auxiliary seminar for 2018, “A Spiritual Woman,” includes a script, slides, and handout. Another useful tool is the two-page handout “Partnering in Prayer.”

Women’s Ministries

Download the General Conference resources here.

March 17
Global Youth and Children’s Day

Global Youth and Children’s Day is about encouraging children to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They may like to spend this day involved in acts of service with their parents or Children’s Ministries leaders. The purpose of this day is to involve all children worldwide in community service. Click here for our fun Family Service Bucket list with a food and water theme! We designed it to help children, youth and families participate in service this Global Youth and Children’s day.

Children’s &Youth Ministries

For more information from the General Conference click here.  Check out our resources for this day. Click here!

 April 2017

April 14
Friends of Hope Visitors Day

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries

 May 2018

May 15-21
National Families Week (Australia)
Family Ministries

May 26
World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

The 2018 ‘World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk’ is coming up on the 26th of May. Thousands of children around the world and at home are at risk. Many face abuse, neglect, trafficking, and much more. Children at risk need to be protected and helped so that they can use their God-given talents to their fullest. They need our prayers. You can have special prayer groups or a special program to involve your church, young and old in creating awareness of the need to pray for and protect these children.

Children’s Ministries

If you are interested in ideas for how you, your family and church can use this as an opportunity to shape the faith of your children check out our World Day of Prayer Event Page on  Facebook or click here for our resource booklet for this day. Also check out VIVA (www.viva.org.au). VIVA is an organisation which we partner with for this day and provides resources and assistance.

June 2018

June 2
Reach the World – Bible Study: Sabbath School and Correspondence Courses

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries
June 9
Women’s Ministry Emphasis Day- “Blessed to be a Blessing”

(always celebrated on the second Sabbath in June)

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming 2018 WM Emphasis Day program packet titled “Blessed to Be a Blessing.” 

Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day is an opportunity for women to lead out in a worship service and a chance to educate the church regarding the purposes of Women’s Ministries. It is an ideal time to introduce your leaders and committee to the church family and to invite women who have not been involved to join.

This is a possible opportunity to plan a full day of activities including Sabbath School, the worship service, a fellowship dinner, and perhaps an afternoon program. The leader may also want to use this time to honor women in the congregation who have done something unusual or outstanding. Resources for this purpose are available through the Conference Women’s Ministries director.

Women’s Ministry

Download the General Conference resources here.

June 16
Reach the World – Reach Across: Nurture and Reclaiming

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries

July 2018

July 7
Day of Prayer and Fasting

 Prayer Ministries
July 16,17
National Christian Family Conference
Family Ministries
July 21
Children’s Sabbath

Mark July 21 in your calendars! This is the day as a Church we celebrate children specially. This Sabbath is a fantastic opportunity for your church to make a special effort to involve your children in creating intergenerational connections and memory events. Help your kids participate and serve in church through serving.

Children’s Ministries

More ideas will be posted closer to the time. In the mean time contact us with any of your questions or check out http://www.childmin.org/

August 2018

August 11
Reach the World: Church Planting

August 25
End it Now- Abuse Prevention Day

(always celebrated on the fourth Sabbath in August)

Raise awareness in your church and community, confront misogyny, advocate for victims and get your church involved in community action.

Abuse prevention and ending violence involves not only women, but also children, youth, families, and men. End it Now emphasis day will involve not just Women’s and Family Ministries but also the collaboration of Children’s Ministries, Family, Women, Health and the Ministerial Association. Within the SPD we engage the Discipleship Ministries Team to call for an End to Violence especially towards all Children and Women.

Children’s, Women’s & Family Ministries

For more information and resources for this day please click here.

September 2018

September 1- 8
Family Prayer & Togetherness Week

This September, we are having a global family and children’s week of prayer. During this week we want to encourage you and your families to pray as a family. Get creative, bring back family meal times, family conversation, activities in the great outdoors and create some lifelong memories with your family in a manner that is culturally appropriate.

All Departments

Closer to the time please visit the Record website to download the week of prayer readings. We will also be developing some resources which will be available for families and Churches to use for this special week. Keep an eye out closer to the date for these on our Facebook page and websites.

September 9-15
National Marriage Week


Family Ministries
September 13-15
Details Here
September 22
Sabbath School Guest Day

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries

October 2018

October 6
Day of Prayer and Fasting

  Prayer Ministries
October 23-25
Australian Chaplains’ Conference

February 2019

February 11-14
Church Planting Conference

Avondale College will be the venue. Accommodation and meals can be booked via the registration process to the right.

The 2019 SPD Church Planting Conference is for those serious about Adventist Mission.
This conference will:
• Examine Adventism’s unique heritage as a disciple making, church planting movement
• Empower and equip individuals, teams, Churches, Conferences, Unions and Missions to plant churches
• Show how to facilitate a church planting movement in our communities
• Explore the growing potential in making disciples in an increasingly post-Christian world

Pastors, church leaders, administrators, and especially local church members — anyone who is passionate about
making disciples and church planting. We particularly hope that teams of potential church planters will attend. Maybe
you want to be inspired, maybe you want to be equipped and empowered, maybe you want teachings, or resourcing –
whatever the reason, this Conference is for you!
With overseas and local speakers, plus over twenty workshops to choose from, this SPD Church Planting Conference,
with the Holy Spirit’s leading, promises to be a unique opportunity to be inspired, empowered and equipped to join
God in His mission on earth.

Church Planting

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February 14-17
Mission to the Cities Conference

at Avondale College of Higher Education

March  2019

March 16
Global Youth and Children’s Day

Global Children’s Day is about encouraging children to be the hands and feet of Jesus, getting them involved worldwide in community service. Children may like to spend this day involved in acts of service with their parents or CHM leaders.

April  2019

May  2019

May 25
World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk is scheduled annually on the last Sabbath of May. This Sabbath is set aside to intentionally, pray for children who are at risk of neglect and abuse.

June 2019

June 8
Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day

(always celebrated on the second Sabbath in June)

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Download the General Conference resources here.

July 2019

July 20
Children’s Sabbath

On this day we specifically celebrate the children in our midst. This Sabbath is a fantastic opportunity for your church to make a special effort to involve your children in creating intergenerational connections and memory events. Help your kids participate in church through serving.

August 2019

August 24
End it Now!

Abuse prevention and ending violence involves not only women, but also children, youth, families, and men. End it Now day should involve not just Women’s and Family Ministries rather it needs to be a collaboration between Children, Health and Ministerial teams as well. Within the SPD we engage our Discipleship Ministries Team to call an end to violence especially towards women.

September 2019

September 2
Count the Kids!

Statistical reports will be sent out to local territories and should reach churches during 4 quarter. Reports are to be collated by the Union and sent back to the SPD Chidren’s Ministries Team by the first week of December 2019.

Family and Children’s Week of Prayer

During this week of prayer we want to encourage you and your families to pray together. Get creative, bring back family meal times, family conversations, activities in the great outdoors and create some lifelong memories with your family in a manner that is culturally appropriate.

Visit record.adventistchurch.com in early September for the week of prayer readings.

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019