Training Opportunities

Check with your local mission/conference or union for upcoming training opportunities in your area.
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Sabbath School & Personal Ministries Training Materials

The Book of Acts

These materials were developed to complement the 3rd Quarter 2018 Bible Study Guide. The focus on Acts and the early church challenges participants to think about the mission of the church, making disciples and reaching out. It is a great contribution to our focus on being a disciple making movement in the South Pacific. Access the resources on the Australian or New Zealand Disciples websites.

Available Resources include:

  • The Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, teachers Guide and basic English guide can be downloaded from the General Conference Sabbath School & Personal Ministries site.
  • Short teaching video clips suitable as a topic introduction for each Bible Study. The videos are also available here:
  • Presentation Slides with titles and key verses to assist presentation (PPT, Keynote & PDF)
  • Summary of Bible readings and suggest discussion questions for groups.
  • We highly recommend reading Ellen White’s classic volume “The Acts of the Apostles”
  • Peter Roennfeldt’s recent book “Following the Spirit” is a practical ministry manual based on the book of Acts.
Sabbath School For Life

The Australian Union Conference has produced a handbook and series of short videos (average 2 mins 30 sec) outlining the principles of a holistic approach to Sabbath School groups that connect with people God, each other and the community.

Download Handbook


These are videos suitable for training Sabbath School teachers, introducing change to a church board, or highlighting various aspects of Sabbath School groups to members.

  1. Introduction
  2. Prayer
  3. Care
  4. Share
  5. Ask
  6. Analyse
  7. Apply

Stewardship Training Materials

Motives of the Heart

The North American Division produced thirteen short teaching videos about three minutes in length based on the 1 Qtr 2018 Sabbath School Bible Study Guide.They can be used to complement Bible studies or training seminars or workshops on Stewardship. Shorter one minute daily thoughts were also created to complement each day of the quarter and may be used as offering promotions or sermon illustrations.

The Australian videos were developed in partnership between Greater Sydney Conference and the South Pacific Division Discipleship Ministries Team. These feature Australian themes and voices. The Australian videos are available for download on the AUC Discipleship site or can be shared and embedded using the following unlisted links to the Sydney Adventists YouTube Channel.

  1. Intro 1st Quarter 2018 Sabbath School Video Series
  2. The Influence of Materialism (Brendan Pratt – 6 January)
  3. I See, I Want, I Take (Julian Archer – 13 January)
  4. God or Mammon (Cristian Copaceanu – 20 January)
  5. Escaping The World’s Ways (Sven Ostring – 27 January)
  6. Stewards of Eden (Christina Hawkins – 3 February)
  7. The Mark of Stewardship (Greg Pratt – 10 February)
  8. Honesty with God (Ken Long – 17 February)
  9. Giving (Eva Ing – 24 February)
  10. Offerings of Gratitude (Lyndelle Peterson – 3 March)
  11. Taking Care of The Gifts God Gives Us (Erika Puni – 9 March)
  12. Debt – A Daily Decision (Victor Kulakov – 17 March)
  13. The Habits of a Stewardship (Api Seru – March 24)
  14. The Results of Stewardship (Lyndelle Peterson & Sven Ostring)

Other Training Materials Include:

Stewardship Audio Teaching

9 audio files coming soon

Stewardship Video Teaching

8 short videos produced by Hope Channel Fiji coming soon. More to come later.

8 short Stewardship videos from Germany coming soon.

Webinar Training

Coming Soon.