Are you a church member with a passion or talent and wondering how to get involved? Are you a pastor looking to on-board a volunteer? Have you recently been elected as a ministry leader or team member and wonder what your new responsibility involves? This page will point you in the right direction and help you take meaningful steps to turn your passion into action.

We advise you to discuss your interest or ministry idea with your pastor or other church leader to get advice and direction specific to your situation. Before you dive in remember these important principles.

Principles for Discipleship Ministries
  1. God equips everyone for service. Therefore there is a place for you to be involved in this disciple-making movement.
  2. We minister as one part of the body of Christ. Therefore every person is needed. Our ministry should be in harmony with others and bring glory to Christ, the head.
  3. Some are called and appointed to lead. Therefore we should minister with humility, respect and cooperation for those who oversee us.
  4. There are many good ideas and ministries. Make sure it is right for your church and its community. Can it be sustained with personnel and finances. It is better to do a few things well than many things poorly.
  5. Needs, effectiveness, relevance and people all change. Be ready and willing to adapt, change or even let go of your ministry as God guides you and your local church.
  6. Positions of leadership don’t result in autonomy or control, therefore leaders should lead with humility, accountability and a responsibility to collaborate with others.
  7. The work of God can be spontaneous and dynamic. However he is also a God of order therefore we should be organised, plan and prepare, give our best effort and work in harmony with the systems, processes and policies our church has in place to unify and protect the church, its reputation and its people.
First Steps to Get Involved in:

Church Planting
Church Health and Revitalisation
Personal Ministries
Sabbath School
Small Groups
Stewardship Ministry

Explore these first steps and then get equipped for more effective service.

Which of Jesus' teachings do you find personally challenging in your life right now?