The discipleship ministries team partners with a wide range of departments, institutions, para-church organisations and individuals. Some of our key partners are included below.

Our Partners

Dr Peter Roennfeldt

BA (Theology), D.Min.

Ministry Consultant

Peter Roennfeldt (DMin) has spent his life sharing the gospel, planting churches, and serving as a pastor to pastors-with special interest in Jesus’ life as our model for disciple-making and movement thinking.  Having lived in four countries and equipped church-planting teams in more than 50, Peter now lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Judy, but travels widely equipping and coaching church planters and pastors.

Peter is the author two highly recommended books: Following Jesus & Following the Spirit which are profiled at He blogs at

Following Jesus by Peter RoennfeldtFollowing the Spirit. by Peter Roennfeldt

Pr Kevin Price

BA (Theology), Master of Public Health.

Ministry Consultant

Pr Price joined the Adventist Health team in December 2008. He has a long association with health ministry and providing health programs and assessment services to the church, community and corporate sectors. His experience includes serving the Adventist Church in pastoral, administrative and departmental levels in Australia, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. For 19 years he worked at Sydney Adventist Hospital, first as Assistant Senior Chaplain and then as the Director of the Centre for Health Management – delivering a wide range of health related programs and services. Kevin has a BA and a MA degree with the latter having a major focus on Stress Management. He also has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of New South Wales with his thesis focusing on executive health assessments and reporting. Kevin has extensive experience in adult education, counselling, executive coaching and management.

“Our Adventist health heritage can give us our Adventist health advantage. I see Health as being much more than just an absence of disease – our aim should be for a high level of wellness that leads to a vibrant and fulfilled life along with an enhanced Christian witness. Our health message first reaches into our own lives and then we can reach out to make a positive impact on the lives of others.”  – Kevin Price

Dr Lyell Heise

BA (Theology), MA, D.Min.

Ministry Consultant

Based at Avondale College Church, Lyell is a retired senior lecturer in the School of Ministry and Theology where he specialised in worship and theology. He is the Director of the Institute of Worship now incorporated into the Discipleship Ministries Team. He has traveled widely for the Institute of Worship, directing seminars, worskshops and worship conferences around the South Pacific Region. He also directs the Institute of Worship Orchestra. Lyell has been a Senior Pastor for 30 years and a musician since childhood. His passion is to see the worship and music leadership of today’s churches embrace the best of all the worship traditions.

Lyell regularly convenes Hymns & Songs of Praise, the Avondale Concert Series, Evensong and other special musical and worship events. He is also actively involved in the Avondale College Spirituality and Worship Research Institute.

Institute of Public Evangelism

Ministry Partner

The South Pacific Division Institute of Public Evangelism is a cohort of specialist public evangelists and provides leadership, development and support to pastoral evangelists. The Discipleship Ministries Team believes that public proclamation of the gospel plays an important role in the life and outreach of the church. For many people a public or corporate program contributes to one or more important steps in the discipleship process. Public evangelism and discipleship are complementary rather than alternatives. DMT collaborates with the Public Evangelism Institute to ensure that evangelists and pastors incorporate discipleship principles including preparation, followup, nurture and ministry development in every outreach effort. Likewise we affirm the important and positive role of public or corporate witness plays in bringing people to a knowledge of Jesus and making a life commitment to follow him.

Pr Gary Webster is the South Pacific Division (SPD) evangelist and Director of the SPD Institute of Public Evangelism. He has also been serving as the President of Tasmania Conference since 2016. He has been a gospel minister for over 35 years. During this time he has served as a church pastor, theology lecturer, Conference administrator, Ministerial Secretary, Union and Division evangelist, Adventist Media Network’s Discovery Centre Bible School Director and editor of the magazine Archaeological Diggings.

Adventist Education

Ministry Partner

The philosophy of Adventist Education is holistic and includes the spiritual development of young people with a view to them taking up a place in service of God and humanity. Adventist schools are an environment in which young people are discipled into a relationship with Jesus through curriculum; worship, chapel and devotions; Bible and religion classes; the influence of teachers, peers and chaplains; and involvement in service and ministry opportunities. The Discipleship Ministries Team provides thought leadership and program support to initiatives to foster disciple-making Adventist schools, colleges and universities.

Adventist Chaplaincy Services
Ministry Partner

In addition to school chaplains Adventist conferences and institutions provide chaplaincy support to hospitals, aged-care and lifestyle facilities, and its health food industries. Chaplains work with senior leadership to ensure the disciple making mission of the church remains central. Chaplains also provide support and spiritual nurture to staff to help them live out their faith in the workplace, or come to a faith commitment. In addition Chaplains provide important spiritual care to the customers and clients our institutions serve.

The Discipleship Ministries team believes chaplaincy is an important means by which people can be supported in their discipleship journey throughout the course of their life and its various transitions. We work with chaplains and institutions to provide resources and professional development opportunities including our national chaplaincy conference.

Avondale College of Higher Education

Institutional Partner

The Avondale Seminary plays a significant role training ministers and chaplains in preparation for denominational service. The seminary and DMT regularly consult regarding ministerial training along with academic and practical aspects of discipleship and mission. The research of the seminary also informs the practice of the DMT.

DMT is pleased to collaborate with Avondale Seminary and its staff with the exchange of personnel for guest lectures and seminars. We are also pleased to feature as a resource the recent book by the Head of the Theology & Ministry Discipline Dr Kayle de Waal, “Mission Shift- Multiplying Disciples in Your Community.”

Avondale College is home to the Spirituality and Worship Research Centre.

Avondale is also home to the Lifestyle Research Centre.