Creating the Discipleship Ministries Team has resulted in greater synergy and collaboration. We now have a more cohesive vision and approach to discipleship.

For many years the departments and ministries of the church functioned autonomously. In 2015 the South Pacific restructured portfolios and clustered personnel together to establish the Discipleship Ministries Team. The result has been greater synergy and collaboration.

We work in harmony with the global church and South Pacific Division emphasis to develop and promote an integrated vision of ministry with discipleship at its centre. Regardless of how Unions, Conferences and Missions may be structured our goal is to support and enhance their impact on the local church and its members. Our specialists apply discipleship principles to the traditional departmental portfolios which cater to various ages, stages and demographics within the church. While we continue to provide resources, training and programs our emphasis is on thought leadership and leadership development throughout the South Pacific Division.

Building Blocks of Discipleship Ministries

The following building blocks of a disciple’s life, faith community and missional movement are addressed on this website. Each of these portfolios is applicable to all ages, stages and demographics. But they may be applied in different ways, times or places.

Adventist Health Ministries
Adventist Stewardship Ministries
Church Health and Revitalisation
Church Planting
Prayer Ministries
Sabbath School & Personal Ministries
Small Groups

Ages, Stages & Demographics

The Discipleship Ministries Team also specialises in capacity building and leadership in the following portfolios. You can discover more about each area on their web pages.

Adventist Children’s Ministries
Adventist Chaplaincy Services
Adventist Health Ministries (yet it’s listed twice)
Adventist Family Ministries
Adventist Youth Ministries
– Public Campus Ministries
– Ambassadors
– Adventurers
– Pathfinders
Adventist Women’s Ministries