Bible Studies

  • What is the Bible?
  • How can I learn more about God?
  • How does the Bible apply to my life today?

You may have many questions about the Bible or you may have someone asking you these questions.

Below are different platforms of different Bible studies with varied Bible topics. Click on any for free resources.

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Bible Study Topics are the following:

  • 12-13 studies focusing on one part of the main topic
  • Can be personal & group setting
  • Known as the Sabbath School lesson where church members review that weeks lesson every Sabbath.
  • Many topics that date back to 2003 (click here to access the archives)

World Changer Bible Studies:

  • include 58 Bible Study Topics
  • structured for a small group setting
  • Group looks into one Bible passage relating to a topic then five (5) questions are asked to the group

Hope Channel Bible Studies:

  • Many topics are covered
  • Great variety of topics
  • Video resources are included