Tips on conducting a Bible study with someone

Study the Bible with someone. This video shares ways you can approach a person and ask if they want to study The Word of God with you.

Every student will be different. This video will share different things to look out when deciding which lesson to start your study with.

So you have found someone to read the Bible with, now what? This video shares tips for what to do in preparation for your Bible study.

This video shares some amazing online bible study resources that can prove to be successful when equipping yourself for a prepared bible study.

Keeping in mind what best suits your student, you can structure your bible study and this video will show various way to do so.

People have different ideas and views of things. This video shares tips and various resources how you can face criticism or objection and respond biblically.

We are human beings and we might not have answers to all the questions. This video will discuss how we could handle such a situation with integrity.

As an elder or a bible study facilitator you might come across some difficult students. This video will tell you about the one most important thing you need to face such challenges.

Learn why call to action at the end of each bible study is important and how you should go about that with your students.

Jesus is the head of the Church and Church is the body of Christ. Watch this video to learn the difference between being ‘baptised in church’ and being ‘baptised in Jesus with a church’.

Preparation before the event is as important as the ceremony. Learn how you can make a Baptismal Service memorable for the candidates and everyone present.

Learn the importance of a Homily or a Baptismal Sermon and how it is important not only for the candidate but all who have come to witness.

Testimony is telling the world about the miracle that has changed your life. In this video, you will learn about the basic most important question that a candidate needs to answer.

Vows are a publical acceptance of your allegiance to someone. This video will tell you why is it important vows are made by the candidate infront of the congregation.

A baptismal service is a great opportunity to invite friends and family and other people attending the ceremony to become part of Jesus’ kingdom. This video will give you a few examples of how you could do that.

This video will tell you why making a big deal of their baptism is important and different ways you can help them on their journey to becoming a disciple.

Appropriate and another change of clothes is also important for the candidate on the baptismal day. Learn what you need to communicate with the candidate if you as a church do not have the necessities.

No special occasion is complete without family and friends. Learn how you can make a baptismal day special not only for the candidate but also for their family and friends. The more the merrier!

Its not about having a perfect program but a meaningful service. See how you as a church can help the candidate face Satan’s opposition.

It takes the whole church to whole church community to nurture a newly baptised member. A prayer partner or a spiritual mentor should be appointed to continue to nurture the newly baptised member. They can be provided the ‘New Member Sabbath School’ books are also another way to keep the newly baptised members.