Cultivating Movements Conversation Guide 3

Why would you use this guide?

When the Local Conference is committed to establishing a movement across a district or across the entire conference to each new suburbs, districts or ethne people groups.   The Conference may run a conference-wide training of pastors and elders.   The guide provides a comprehensive foundation for leaders through 8 x 90 min sessions.  It is a deep study of the letters to the New Testament church with the insights of how the early apostles planted churches until there was “no place left”.    Topics include teaching people to think theologically, Jesus district work, Paul’s district work, Paul’s movement practices, movement leaders and churches and your movement multiplication plan.

Who is the guide ideally for?

Pastors, elders, volunteer church leaders.   

How is this guide ideally delivered?

The workshop host is ideally a Conference employee – President, Ministerial Director, Personal Ministries Director, Church Planting Director.   Ideally experienced over a weekend retreat or delivered over several weekends / Friday nights / Sabbath afternoons.  Ideal for Zoom formats.  The program is modular so it enables a lot of flexibility for scheduling.    Ideally, the group is divided up into separate tables of 3-4 people who form a distinct team per table (or with breakout groups on zoom with consistent group members).  The host can use the supplied videos as introductions to each session, or the host can pre watch and prepare their own introduction after watching the videos to see a modelled introduction.  

What resources are required?

Printed conversation guides can be purchased from ABC’s so that participants can write notes, plans and insights.  Supply pens, the book Following the Apostles Vision.  Participants to bring their own Bible.  Ideally, the workshops are done with opportunities to share meals together in groups.

Session 1

Welcome. The end-vision

The gospel – to be proclaimed to gentiles

“No place left”

Movements Principle 1: Following Relational Streams

Session 2

Review: the local churches in your area

Identify: unentered places and people-groups

Choose: the unentered people and places

Movements Principle 2: Multiplying Households of Faith

Session 3

Jesus defines our life, thinking and actions

The Impact of Calvary and Pentecost

Our cultural and religious stumbling blocks

What cultural prejudices inhibit our witness?

Session 4

How did Paul cultivate theological thinking and living?

How significant was participation in cultivating resilient faith?

Movements Principle 3: Planting Mission Hub Churches

Session 5

Preparation, entry and sustainability

Insights for cultivating movements today

Movements Principle 4: Equipping Teams from the Harvest

Session 6

Insights from Paul’s order!

Paul’s key movement practices – Principle 5

Ethne and Oikos mapping

Session 7

Movement leaders – 5 levels

Movement churches – 5 attitudes and activities

Church action plan

Planning – where and with whom?

Session 8

Multiplying movement leaders

Action plan: to multiply movement leaders and teams

Multiplying mission hubs: current reality and Action plan