Following The Apostles’ Vision

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The apostles planted new faith communities in pagan gentile cities, sometime staying only a few weeks or months before departing to do the same in another place.

Their mission was urgent and the scope of their vision was staggering.

This book re-reads the letters of Paul to these new churches, disciples and team members, discovering a biblical master-plan for an integrated district disciple-making model that is relevant to every culture and context.

Essential reading for making disciples in your city, neighbourhood and region.

From small and unlikely beginnings in Jerusalem, the message of Jesus seemed to explode across the Roman world within only a few decades. It was powered by the Holy Spirit and the passion of those first men and women who had spent time with Jesus, but this remarkable success also came with self-sacrificing determination, hard work and innovative mission strategies.

Re-reading the pastoral letters of Paul—written to the respective churches within the first 10 years of their planting—offers valuable insights into the focus, energy and methods of Paul and his ministry teams. And it must challenge our vision and practice of church, ministry and mission today.

Contains 16 study guides for a person or small group study