Following The Spirit- video series


Jesus started a movement of multiplying disciples—modeling with His life, teachings and commission; and the early believers continued what He started, replicating His work.

Jesus established what we call the great commission ethne principle, “Go and make disciples of all ethnicities or relational streams.”

On Paul’s first journey, churches were planted in relational streams, and on the second—churches multiplied in the oikos or households in relational streams.

On each journey the Paul followed Jesus’ methods—connecting in relational streams, planting in households, and in planting regional mission hubs on his third—the movement exploded.

In Following the Spirit, Paul’s vision of no place left where Christ was not known took him to Rome. What would it look if we followed the Spirit—using Jesus’ methods and His models of church? What part could you play in writing the next chapter of Acts—chapter 29?

The Book of Acts tells a story that is familiar to us making disciples amid difficult social, cultural and political environments. But Acts also tells stories that are new to some of us creative and innovative forms of church and leadership, successfully adapting to these different circumstances and seeing the church growing in dramatic ways. After almost 2000 years of Christian history, we don t get to start again, but we are called to write our next chapter in the story of following Jesus making disciples.