Sabbath School is one of the most important parts of Sabbath. It gives us the opportunity for fellowship, mission understanding, outreach and one of the greatest parts, Bible study and discussion. What a privilege to be able to study our Bible and the Adult Bible Study Guide in a small group setting and make the wonderful biblical instructions practical for our spiritual experience the next week. No one should miss Sabbath School!

Ted N C Wilson, president, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Exciting features of this new app include:

  • The Adult Sabbath School Bible study guide, in both standard and easy reading editions, and the new InVerse Bible study guide for young adults.
  • Ellen White notes under each day’s reading.
  • Teacher notes and the Hope Sabbath School Outline for teachers.
  • Links to Bible references in five different Bible versions.
  • Allowance for users to type notes and highlight text.
  • Simple and easy to use.

And there’s even more to come!

In partnership with Adventech, plans for new content and features include:

  • Sabbath School lessons for all ages of children and youth.
  • Sabbath School resources for leaders and teachers.
  • Personal Ministries resources to aid in soul-winning and discipleship.
  • Increased language support.
  • Teaching and training video/audio.
  • Ability to accept handwritten notes using a stylus.

Tell your church, tell your friends, and help us spread the Word—God’s Word—like never before. Our prayer is that this new app will be an indispensable aid in reviving the study of the Bible and the Sabbath School lesson, in equipping members for personal ministry, and in drawing us closer to Jesus Christ.