What Is Discovery Bible Reading

Through the pages of Scripture, the person of Jesus comes alive. The grace of our loving Father touches our hearts. And the Holy Spirit confirms our hearts to the likeness of Christ.

Discovery Bible Reading involves the simple process of prayerfully reading aloud or together with a passage of scripture and discovering Jesus truth as a group:

How to Lead a Discovery Bible Reading

  • Friends meet to read stories of Jesus (the gospel of Mark is a good start).
  • One person prays: “Dear God, please guide us. Thank You.”
  • Start at the beginning, reading one story at a time.
  • Read each story through twice, then retell the story in your own words.
  • Discuss the story using 5 questions:
  1. What is new?
  2. What surprises you?
  3. What don’t you understand?
  4. What will you obey or apply?
  5. What will you share with someone this week?
  • Plan when to meet and read again.
  • Pray for each other, something like: “Dear God, thank You for Your Word. Help us to follow You. Amen.”

Ideas and Suggestions

• If you don’t understand something, don’t argue—you will read more!
• Invite other people to join you.
• Give each person a bookmark.
• Encourage others to form groups.

When You Meet Again

You could ask:

  1. Who have you met or caught up with?
  2. What two things did you learn?


  1. How did we go applying the insights?
  2. How did we go sharing?

Then continue to the next story!

This process enables the Holy Spirit to speak from the inspired Word into the heart and life of the believer. In this way, the Word of God becomes alive and powerful. It’s true not only becomes lodged in a persons mind but incarnate in their lives.