World Changers Bible

The World Changers Bible Project began as an initiative of the Adventist Youth Ministries Department under the leadership of Dr Nick Kross. His was a God inspired dream to provide 200,000 youth in the South Pacific, between the ages of 15 and 35, with a Bible and discipleship kit at a cost of more than a million Australian dollars.

The project has since been expanded to include the whole DMT who believe that placing the Bible in the hands of members and equipping them to share their faith and the story of Jesus is the foundation of an Adventist disciple-making movement.

As a result:
Bibles funded to date*:225,700
People trained to share their faith:Over 200,000
Bible studies conducted:Thousands. Exact number unknown.
Baptisms Resulting2014-5 was the highest baptismal count in the history of the South Pacific Division.
New Groups & ChurchesNew villages have been entered in PNG, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Fiji.

*figures up to date in 2018

Now you can download and use the training material contained in the front of the Bible.

World Changers Bible – Video series

There are 16 videos in this series. You can watch, share and download all 16 videos.

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