Mission Impact Fund – Overview and Application Process

The Mission Impact Fund has been established to facilitate and encourage innovative
methods of “reaching the unreached for Christ” under the banner of the I Will Go initiative. The source of these funds is primarily from “unrestricted maturities of planned gifts from church
members” and donations for the purpose of front-line ministries. These funds will be
replenished yearly and distributed on a yearly basis with no end in sight at this time. These funds do not come through the tithing system and thus do not have the spending limitations
that are placed on tithe funds.

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Mission Impact Fund (MIF) Guidelines

Click here to find the guidelines for the Mission Impact Fund

I Will Go Strategy

For further information in regards to the I Will Go strategic focus click on the link below:

I Will Go – Booklet

On this site, you will find the pdf I Will Go booklet which will assist the applicant to ensure they are meeting the Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] and the mission objectives.

Your application needs to include how your idea will meet one or more of these KPIs. The more the better of course but the application can also be quite narrow.

Be Innovative

Not sure how to develop an innovative method of reaching unreached people? Check out the innovation process and training available from the SPD Innovation program.

You may also want to consider accessing more financial resources for your church’s innovative mission budget by applying for GC Mission Impact Funding as well as SPD Innovation Funding. This will increase your church’s impact for Jesus’ mission!

The GC is only accepting 15 applications from each Division each year. To assist you in making a successful application please keep in mind the following:

• Avoid duplication – if there is GC funding available elsewhere for the same project the
application is likely to be rejected.
• Emphasis is on individual/local church initiatives.
• New/creative/outside the traditional form of sharing the gospel is encouraged as these
funds are not limited given the source is not from Tithe.
• Those applications that are supported – financially and otherwise – by their Conference
and Union are more likely to succeed in the application process.
• The SPD has set aside funds to support the successful applications.
• As this is a yearly ongoing source of funding, applications can be made using the
attached forms throughout the year but the cut off is April 15 when 15 applications will
be chosen by a Division committee to put forward to the GC for approval.

The “Successful” Applications to be resubmitted by each Union for proposal must include the

• The profile of the local organization(s) implementing the project.
• The purpose and intended impact of the project.
• The detailed plan to accomplish the project.
• The budget for the project which also indicates financial resources committed by the
local organization(s) and availability of additional resources from other sources.
• Description of measures for determining the project’s success.
• The KPI of the Strategic Plan the project is addressing and how it is doing so.
• Description of how the Division will ensure the funding is used as intended.


  1. Proposal Form: To be submitted by the local church in dialogue with their Conference/Union to the Trust Services Department (local Trust Services Director or if not applicable AUC Pr Rodney Woods) by April 1 of each year.
  2. The Trust Services Department can then work with the local Conferences/Unions to assist in culling and or amending proposals to ensure they fit within the guidelines as per the website. (Remember only 15 applications are able to be forwarded to the GC per Division).
  3. The formal application and excel budget documents will then be forwarded to those proposals that receive interim approval. These documents will need to be completed and returned to Pastor Rodney Woods by April 10.
  4. Applications supported by the associated Conference/Union will then be submitted to the Division MIF Committee via Pr Rodney Woods for final approval by 21 April of each year.
  5. Division review of final applications April 21–30. 15 applications (max allowable) chosen to progress to the GC;
  6. Final 15 Applications uploaded for GC review and approval by May 1.
  7. The GC will review these proposals and funding decisions will be announced at the Annual Council each year. ONLY those applicants that are successful will be notified.


What the MIF is not:
· Not a local church or school building fund
· Not a fund for local church internal projects
· Not a Division, Union, or Conference fund
What the MIF is:
· Projects run at the local church (es) by the local church (es)
· Projects that have an immediate community impact
· Projects that will be completed in one year or less
· Local church(es) must have some investment of their own money in the project
· There must be a purpose to reaching the community for Jesus
· The intent is to make disciples for Christ
· There is intent to grow church attendance

Thank you for your consideration in regard to this opportunity. It is still a new process and will
be improved I am sure with time and practice. This fund is expected to be “present and
continuous” so it is not expected to have an end date.

For more information:

Pr. Rodney Woods

Email address:


Contact number:

07 3218 7777